Our Youth Minister

Sydney Angel, MDiv

“Sydney Angel is our current youth minister awaiting ordination in the Disciples of Christ denomination. She received her calling to ministry before she graduated high school and has been pursuing it ever since. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, she has a passion for the under-served and marginalized members of our community that informs her work with the children and teenagers of our city. Her ministry goals are to provide safe spaces for all children to cultivate a deeper relationship with God as foster their growth as the next generation of children of Christ. She leads with love in all things and meets people where they are to provide personalized pastoral care, prioritizing the need for children to realize the worth in themselves and others to make a difference in the world guided by the light of Christ. Sydney recently graduated from the Wake Forest School of Divinity with a Master of Divinity degree and aims to employ her education to better our local communities and bring the peace and love of God to those who need it most.”